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Student Harpist - Level 3

Student Harpist 3.jpg
Student Harpist 3.jpg

Student Harpist - Level 3


Stephanie Curcio
For lever and pedal harps

Continuing foundation series for learning harp.  This book starts with 7th chords and inversions, introduction to modes, builds all the major and minor scales, the circle of 5ths, and introduces modulation and complex intervals. There are pieces throughout with key signatures ranging from 2 flats to 3 sharps.  Book may be used by lever harpists with ease, but also provides pedal harpists with complete overview of keys and pedals. See below for list of pieces.

Keys range from 2b to 3# - some lever changes toward end. 

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Dorian Ditty
Phrygian Lark
Scale Study in D
Mist (original form)
Modulating Chorale (lots of levers)
Minor Meander
A Parting Chorale

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