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Student Harpist - Level 2

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Student Harpist 2.jpg

Student Harpist - Level 2


Stephanie Curcio
For lever and pedal harps

Continuing foundation series for learning harp.  Builds more reading and rhythm skills, and technical abilities through carefully graded pieces, plus theory and exercises .  Introduces major and minor scales (keys) from 1 flat to 2 sharps. Introduces glissandi, legato line techniques, root-5-8 accompaniment, triads, inversions  and more.  Aligns well with second half of Stage One Solos, and Sight Reader and may also be used with standard collections of harp music. See below for names of pieces.

Keys range form 1b to 2# - no lever changes

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Somewhat Bach
Oranges & Lemons (duet)
London Variations
Quiet Moment
From The New World
From Mozart
Solace (original form)
Dance in 6/8 Time
Lilting Etude
Baroque Prelude
An Old Piano Tune (duet)
Danny Bow
Ash Grove
Morning Song

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