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Student Harpist - Level 1

Student Harpist 1.jpg
Student Harpist 1.jpg

Student Harpist - Level 1


Stephanie Curcio
For lever and pedal harps

Foundations series for learning harp.  Gradually builds note reading and  rhythm abilities, technical skills and musical concepts through theory, exercises, and carefully graded little pieces. For beginning students age 9 to adult.  Aligns well with first half of Stage One Solos, New Reader, and Sight Reader.  May also be used along with other standard collections of pieces for harp. See list of pieces below.

Keys range from 1b to 2# - no lever changes

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First Waltz
Second Waltz
Topsy Turvy
Yankee Doodle Puzzle
Round and Round
Little Ditty
From Handel
Oriental Song
Five/Six Waltz
Modal March

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