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New Reader

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New Reader


Stephanie Curcio
For lever and pedal harps

Classic and original tunes and themes for beginners of all ages.  Music is written on grand staff BUT stems are used to indicate hand which enables early students to play more interesting music. Includes the New Reader Cue Card.  See below for content.

Keys range from 1b to 1# - no lever changes


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Three Studies
      1. Landmarks and neighbors
      2. Skips and neighbors
      3. Line and space note groups
German Dance - Haydn
Arietta - Grieg
Russian Folk Song  - Kabalevsky
Buttercup - Gilbert & Sullivan
Humming Tune - Kabalevsky
Jazz Dance - Curcio
Hillary's Waltz - Curcio
The Merry Farmer - Schumann
Roaming - Curcio
Sonatine - Andre
Game - Kabalevsky
Bagatelle - Schumann
The Shepherd an dHis flute - Maykapar

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